Screenshot Guide

How to capture screenshots in Google Chrome

Learn the best way to capture screenshots of websites inside your Google Chrome web browser on a computer (be it Windows, Mac or Linux).

Use a Google Chrome extension

This method will leverage the ScreenBud Chrome extension and has several advantages:

  • You can capture the entire page in full, even if it has scroll bar
  • You can directly edit the screenshots (crop, draw, highlight, and more).
  • You can easily share the screenshots, because they get uploaded for free.

Set-up ScreenBud

  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser.
  2. Open the ScreenBud extension page.
  3. Click Add to Chrome.
    How to add ScreenBud to Chrome
  4. Confirm the installation by clicking Add extension.
  5. Click the "puzzle" icon in the top right section of Google Chrome:
    How to add ScreenBud to Chrome
  6. Click the "pin" icon next to the ScreenBud extension:
    How to add ScreenBud to Chrome

Use ScreenBud

  1. Click the extension icon in the top right. Clicking it will capture the currently visible page and open it in a new tab.
    How to add ScreenBud to Chrome
  2. You may be prompted to sign-up for an account. This is so that you can access your previous screenshots later. The easiest option is to use your existing Google account by clicking Sign up with Google:
    ScreenBud sign up prompt
  3. (Optional) Edit your screenshot: crop, add arrows or rectangles, use pencil or highlighter.
    ScreenBud editor tools
  4. (Optional) Use the screenshot: share the link, copy the screenshot to clipboard or download it to your computer.
    ScreenBud sharing / export options
  5. Learn more about ScreenBud in the offial guide.

Full page screenshots with ScreenBud

  1. Right-click the extension icon in the top right and then click Full page screenshot.
    Take full page screenshot
  2. (Optional) Make full page screenshots the default option.

    Right-click the exension icon and then click Options.

    Open ScreenBud options

    Select Full page screenshot as the default action.

    Set full page as default action
  3. (Optional, advanced) Increase the scroll-delay for full page screenshots. This can be useful for capturing websites that do not behave well.
    Set full page scroll delay

Use your computer's screenshot functionality

You can use your computer's in-built functionality to capture screenshots. Simply navigate to the website you want to caputure in Google Chrome and then follow a guide based on your operating system: